Clothing and fashion have been an obsession for costume designer Tiger Curran ever since her childhood. The daughter of two professional theatre actors, Tiger would often end up backstage in the tailor shop, fascinated by clothing from different eras. As a young adult, Tiger began sketching costumes, and voraciously watched classic costume movies like “Gone with the Wind,” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” and “West Side Story.”

Tiger graduated from UCLA and studied fashion illustration abroad in Paris. While still a student, she began working in the costume department of AMC’s Mad Men, and knew she wanted to pursue costume design as a career. Working closely with Emmy Award winning designer Janie Bryant, she discovered the nuances of accurate period costumes that integrate with story and set design, and creating an iconic character through clothing.

Since then, Tiger has worked as a costumer and assistant costume designer on a wide variety of shows, continuing to explore new facets of costume design -- how to wow an audience with performance clothing on “The Voice,” high fashion and small town charm on “Hart of Dixie,” romance and royalty on “Reign,” and colonial era costumes and supernatural demons on “Sleepy Hollow.”

As a costume designer, Tiger is passionate, detail oriented, and collaborative. She is inspired to give each character originality and a life of their own, helping bring directors, writers, and producers’ character ideas to life on the screen.

Tiger is a member of Costume Designer’s Guild 892 and IATSE Costumer Union 705.


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